Unlike our local competitors, here at California Pool Services we don’t lock our customers into contracts. Our customers choose to stay with us, because above all else, we do a good job. If you’re looking for top-notch pool services in the Southern California area such as residential or commercial pool cleaning, custom pool construction or our deeply discounted pool supplies and chemicals, then look no further than California Pool Services. Contact us now for a free estimate any one of our many offered services!

A pool is more than just a pool.

To us, and more importantly to our customers, a pool is one of the best parts of a home. Our company has offered year round pool service to the Long Beach metropolitan area since 1983. Call us to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll never again have to worry about anything pool related.

Our team of expert pool technicians

are the best in Long Beach. We service Hotels, Apartment Buildings, Municipal Pools and virtually any other type of pool. We offer our commercial clients unparalleled levels of attention, support and customization. This is one of the reasons they stick around year after year.

California Pool Service Inc.

was created in 1983. When we first started our company we actually specialized in wholesale chemical products. We still hold a unique role in this industry because we offer steep wholesale discounts on pool chemicals. We will even sell to our competitors. If you need pool chemicals give us a call.

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